Parikka’s Geology of Media Launch Events

Technology is the New Magic (Restless Futures)

15/5, Friday, at Central St. Martins, at 17.30. The book launch is moderated by Dr Betti Marenko and it follows a day-seminar on Technology as Magic.

15 May 2015

10:00 to 18:00

Magic and technology are inextricably linked. Technology enchants us. Even more so in its current digital form. We are under a collective spell, or are we? How do we make sense of the omnipresence of digital technologies? What are the design narratives manifest in our constant interaction with digital devices? Technology is the New Magic is a one-day symposium exploring the relationship between magic and technologies and the digital enchantment that permeates contemporary culture.


Jussi Parikka Professor of Technological Culture and Aesthetics. Winchester School of Art – University of Southampton

Stuart Nolan Magician & Technologist

Phil Van Allen Professor of Interaction Design Art Centre Pasadena

Ken Hollings  Writer Lecturer and Broadcaster

Simon Hollington – Artist and Curator

Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu Architect and Digital Storyteller

Tickets: General £5, Students £3

Book your tickets through the Platform Theatre box office.

This event is a part of the Restless Futures programme.


10.00 – 10.15 Registration

10.15 – 10.30 Welcome and Introduction  – Betti Marenko

10.30 – 11.15 Jussi Parikka – Professor of Technological Culture and Aesthetics. Winchester School of Art – University of Southampton.

11.15 – 12.00 Phil van Allen – Professor of Interaction Design Art Center Pasadena

12.00 – 12.15 coffee break

12.15 – 13.00 Stuart Nolan – Magician and Technologist

13.00 – 13.15 discussion

13.15 – 14.15 lunch break

14.15 – 15.00 Ken Hollings – Writer, Lecturer and Broadcaster

15.00 – 15.45 Simon Hollington – Artist and Curator

15.45 – 16.00 coffee break

16.00 – 16.45 Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu – Architect and Digital Storyteller

16.45 – 17.15 discussion and conclusion

17.30 – 18.00 Book Launch: Jussi Parikka A Geology of Media Minnesota Press

18.00 – 20.00 Join the speakers for a drink in the Platform Bar

News of more event here:


About Virality

Tony D. Sampson is Reader in Digital Culture and Communications at the University of East London. A former musician, he studied computer technology and cultural theory before receiving a PhD in sociology from the University of Essex. His publications include The Spam Book, coedited with Jussi Parikka (Hampton Press, 2009), Virality: Contagion Theory in the Age of Networks (University of Minnesota Press, 2012), The Assemblage Brain: Sense Making in Neuroculture (University of Minnesota Press, 2016) and Affect and Social Media (Rowman and Littlefield, due 2018). He is organizer and host of the Affect and Social Media conferences in the UK, a co-founder of Club Critical Theory and Director of the EmotionUX Lab at UEL. He occasionally blogs at: Full academic profile:
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